Software Tools for the Supervisory Control of Petri Nets Based on Place Invariants

M. V. Iordache and P. J. Antsaklis

Technical report of the ISIS Group, ISIS-2002-003, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, April 2002.

Abstract -- This document describes a Matlab toolbox for the supervisory control of Petri nets based on place invariants. In what follows we present a detailed description of a number of functions we propose. These are the topics we address:

This document does not present all functions of the toolbox, as some of the functions are typically used only as subroutines of the main functions. However, all functions are provided with detailed help lines which can be read using the help command of Matlab. The software was developed under Matlab 5.3 and Matlab 6 on a SunOS platform.

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