A Survey on the Supervision of Petri Nets

M. V. Iordache and P. J. Antsaklis

In the Proceedings of the Workshop on the Control of Hybrid and Discrete Event Systems, pp. 61--80, June 2005.

Abstract -- The paper focuses on supervision approaches in which the supervisor is a Petri net (PN). Special attention is given to the monitor-based approaches. In monitor-based supervision, the set of transitions (events) of a supervisor is a subset of the set of transitions (events) of the plant. The significance of monitor-based approaches to the design of the general PN supervisors is emphasized. The approaches surveyed in the paper are classified based on the type specifications, controllability/observability assumptions, and centralized/decentralized type of supervision. Included are also the literature results that do not lead to a supervisor represented as a PN. %An alternative to the PN supervisor approaches are the CtlPN-based approaches. A comparison between the two classes of methods is included.

Slides available: [pdf, 160k]

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