On a Class of Controlled Invariant Sets

M. V. Iordache and P. J. Antsaklis

In the Proceedings of the 2004 American Control Conference, pp. 2522--2527, June 2004.

Abstract -- In this paper we introduce a new class of controlled invariant sets, called controllable invariant sets. Intuitively, a controllable invariant set has the property that from any ``large enough'' connected region of the set it is possible to reach any such other region of the set, regardless of disturbances. Disturbances are assumed to be bounded. The range of the control inputs is assumed to be given and is allowed to be bounded. The main result of the paper is a nonrecursive approach for the computation of controllable invariants. The other results of the paper deal with properties of the proposed method and of controllable invariance. The results of the paper assume hybrid system modes with linear discrete-time dynamics.

Slides available: [pdf, 85k]

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