Admissible Decentralized Control of Petri Nets

M. V. Iordache and P. J. Antsaklis

In the Proceedings of the 2003 American Control Conference, pp. 332-337, June 2003.

Abstract -- Supervision based on place invariants (SBPI) is an efficient technique for the supervisory control of Petri nets. In this paper we propose extensions of the SBPI to a decentralized control setting. In our setting, a decentralized supervisor consists of local supervisors, each controlling and observing a part of the Petri net. We consider both versions of decentralized control, with communication, and with no communication. In the case of communication, the supervisors may exchange information consisting of local observed events. We propose efficient algorithms for the design of decentralized supervisors, based on the extension of the SBPI concept of admissibility that we define.

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