A Method for the Synthesis of Deadlock Prevention Controllers in Systems Modeled by Petri Nets

M. V. Iordache, J. O. Moody, and P. J. Antsaklis

In the Proceedings of the 2000 American Control Conference, pp.3167-3171, June 2000.

Abstract -- Given an arbitrary Petri net structure, the deadlock prevention procedure presented here determines a set of linear inequalities on the marking of a Petri net. When the Petri net is supervised so that its markings satisfy these inequalities, the supervised net is proved to be deadlock-free for all initial markings that satisfy the supervision constraints. Deadlock-freedom implies that there will always be at least one transition that is enabled in the closed loop (supervised) system. The method is not guaranteed to insure liveness, as it can be applied to systems that cannot be made live under any circumstances. However, it is shown that when the method does insure liveness, it is at least as permissive as any other liveness-insuring supervisor. The procedure is illustrated using an example from flexible manufacturing.

Slides available: [pdf, 101k]

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