This page describes the EEGR3523 Mechatronics class that was taught in the spring of 2019 at LeTourneau University. This is an undergraduate class that introduces system modeling, control systems, and electric machines.

Mechatronics--An Integrated Approach, C. de Silva, CRC Press, 2005.
Electric Machines and Electromechanics, 2nd edition, Schaum's Series, S. A. Nasar, McGraw-Hill, 1997.

Homework: Weekly homework sets were assigned. Two homework problems refer to the MATLAB and Simulink files solveexample.m and state_intro.mdl.

Lectures: The class had two weekly 80-minute lectures. Each of the three main topics of the class (modeling, control systems, and electric machines) was covered for about one third of the semester. The following were addressed:

Slides for: Modeling, Review of the Laplace Transform, Transfer Functions and System Responses, The State-Space Model, Control System Stability, Compensating Error, Time-Response Specifications, DC Machines.

Handouts: Basic Components, The Laplace Transform, Basic Operational Amplifier Circuits, The Root Locus.